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Reforming IT, without racking up massive bills like ‘Big-5′ Consultancies

Because we have likely done it before we ‘deliver results’

There are two ways you can seek IT Transformation; Consulting done the ‘Big-5’ way …

This is; thrusting a group of young graduate consultants into your organisation, part time managed by more senior Director level Partners, then after 6 months or more on site racking up substantial costs. They typically produce multiple hundreds of pages of documents (some of them referencing generally available market data) with a summary report providing recommendations. These recommendations often require the firm to come back into your business for much longer extended periods, the first pass is to try to get your interest but when they come back in thats when they try to find out what your real issues are. This is a wide generalisation, but we have heard this many times from the CIOs we deal with.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because so often that’s what happens to corporates – The “Big-5” approach has a hefty price tag, it usually does not get instantly to the crux of the CIO issues at hand, rather highlighting how much the consultancy is needed to help the business – that’s when the big price tag comes in.

The other way is, ‘Our way’ …

Firstly, we are a smaller business, but have an strong team of senior experienced IT consulting people, we only engage senior experienced resources and don’t send in post graduates to gather experience while working in your business. Our team have all “been there and done it”, we all have more than 15 to 25 years’ hands on experience gained within some of the biggest banks,  IT Technology vendors or Telecoms Groups. What we do differently is bring that experience and share our knowledge with your business. We don’t believe in trying to hold all the cards and drip feed knowledge. We quickly understand the issues the CIO Office needs to address, we recognise missing skills in the IT organisation and then provide specific skills to address the issues at hand. A moulded service for ‘your’ requirements ‘not ours’.

You choose to have as much, or as little, of our services.

As we are reliant on business referrals; so our focus is on getting it ‘right’ which is key for us.

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