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IT through the 20Twenties and beyond

Technology is driving the social dynamics of society with the Generation-Y living through the screen of a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone as we progress through the Twenty Twenties. In business consistently there are still two prime common areas or questions we come across from the IT decision makers worried about falling behind; they are :-

a) Is it ‘safe’ – to move core services into the Cloud, and if so which ones ?

b) How to sample Cloud services, without disrupting ones IT department ?

One of the key changes we are challenged with when dealing with Senior IT Directors, especially those determined on staying exactly where they are today, is to provide some clear educational proof that they won’t disrupt their IT departments if its done right. We facilitate IT change and broker the best areas for cloud services into any organisation, in ‘bite-size’ manageable chunks. Coordinated changes that will not create massive disruption, but show true value to the business users in ones organisation.

Remember its 2014; so its unlikely you are the first to deliver a cloud service within your organisation, its well tried and tested now.  Many who are not convinced cloud is the way to go, should look at their environment, they more than likely have cloud services running somewhere in their environment. Whether its access to their SharePoint for team files or using a sales tool like Salesforce.com.

Educate the IT User:

Very often we hear that cloud services are not secure and open to breaching data loss.  Yes that can happen but so long as the right mechanisms are put in place within the cloud the service will be as secure as your own IT department in-house apps — we have ideas and recommendations to address Cloud based SSO (Single Sign-On) and AD (Active Directory) cloud federation all which prevents passwords and logging in between services, and driving security. Most often its just a little education on the solutions to provide services without loss of data is needed.

Facilitate Change:

CIOs very often are left with the challenge to make the change to move services into the cloud, sometimes without the right skills and capabilities at their disposal.  We can provide specific focussed skills, short or medium term or on an interim basis – in easy to use byte size chunks.  We have more than likely done it before so have learnt the best methods for your business, helping you get it right first time.

Broker of Cloud Services:

Our strong sound network of contacts on a global basis helps to bring the “right” service to the table, depending on the specific business needs you are facing. The correct combination of vendors or suppliers will be critical to success so we can take advantage of the technology rather than the marketing hype to move you in the right direction. We are independent consultants, so have no bias towards specific vendors but we also bring innovative solutions to the table which help your business transform.

Doing IT the “Right way”

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