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Request For Proposal or Solution

CIOs Seeking Innovation – Should the RFP process be replaced by the innovative RFS? There’s an innovative way to build and drive the RFP process as CIOs look to expand service capability and innovation but should the RFP be replaced with the RFS (Request For...

European Cloud Services take off

Now's the time to consider Cloud applications & Contact Centre Services in the Cloud Cloud providers coming into Europe in their droves as the demand rises In a research report from Computer Weekly nine months ago they stated that cloud providers like IBM,...

Cloud computing technology trends in 2015

As the IT world looks past the UK elections and into the fundamental budgeting period of 2015, which new technologies will take off? “Enterprises and IT pros are permanently inching towards cloud services no matter what industry”, states Craig Ashmole, Founding...

Five CIO Technology Trends

1. A Paradigm Shift in Technology Services We hear the phrase “paradigm shift” too often. Sometimes it’s mostly marketing hype. But other times the new paradigm is a real game-changer for businesses, such as the arrival of online commerce. This is one of those times....

Predictions of Enterprise IT in 2020

How will enterprise IT change in the coming years? Why now is the time for IT leaders to redefine their roles and responsibilities. Enterprise IT has undergone a major shift recently, with an interesting and occasionally conflicting combination of end-user and...

CIO vs the CDO ‘chief data officer’

The implications for CIOs are huge, whether you happen to be a CIO who decides to own that chief data officer role, or whether you will find yourself working alongside a new chief data officer. As most CIOs know, the talent out there to spin big data into gold is...

2014 the year outsourcing became cool again

With 2014 drawing to a close, after a year of major IT Transformation and change management activity, I had some time to read a report from Information Services Group (ISG), where the market intelligence firm was reflecting on the last year (2014), where it laid down...

Hybrid cloud while combining Agile and DevOps

Combining Agile and DevOps practices can make it easier to manage enterprise application development and deployment across on-premise and cloud -- i.e., hybrid cloud -- environments, where continuous software delivery is needed. Achieving a mature Agile-DevOps hybrid...